Welcome to our shop

Welcome to our shop


We are so excited to be able to share our online shop with you all and give you easy access to our products wherever and whenever you want!

If you’re new to Nature’s Store, hello 👋 we’d love to tell you a bit about us and run you through our delicious range of free from products…

First things first, we are committed to creating delicious free from foods. We believe that free from does not need to involve any taste compromise whatsoever. In fact, it’s just about eating closer to what nature intended, enjoying delicious food and following a healthy lifestyle. 

Which leads us onto our products. First up, we have our vegan, gluten free hazelnut chocolate spread; used and loved by so many of our followers on breakfast plates, desserts and in endless yummy bakes and recipes. It’s often compared to and even preferred to other market leading brands on flavour but with all the extra environmental and health benefits that come with being a free from product. Our spreads are made with whole roasted hazelnuts which creates a pure and unique flavour with a lower fat content and cleaner taste.

A slightly different version of the above, we have our squeezy chocolate hazelnut spread which is also gluten free and vegan but (you guessed it!) comes in a squeezy bottle, offering a whole new level of easy usage for that perfect drizzle on your pancakes, baked oats or just about anything your heart wants to pair with chocolate! It’s also palm oil free which allows the raw, natural flavours from the hazelnuts’ oils to really sing.

Next up, let’s talk gluten free rice cakes; our scrummy high fibre, low cal snacks available in a variety of flavours. Naturally, we all agreed that most things are improved when covered in chocolate, so we perfected our free from milk and white chocolate rice cakes made with whole grain rice and smooth, Belgian chocolate. Our vegan range includes dark chocolate, dark choc and mint (a strong favourite in our office!!) and dark choc and orange; both made with real flavourings. Whether you’re dunking them in a cuppa, covering them in lashings of peanut butter and sliced banana or just munching them straight out of the packet, you’ll definitely enjoy finding your flavour!

Bakers 🍪 - as so many of you use our vegan, GF hazelnut chocolate spread in your bakes we’ve created a bulk order option just for you! Check it out here